How To Tell If Your Vehicle’s Blower Motor Needs To Be Repaired

Every vehicle is going to have a blower motor. Its purpose is to push air through the vents in your car for both heating and cooling, and it is essential to helping your vehicle feel comfortable.

Rattling Sound

The first thing that you may notice is an odd noise coming from your air vents. A bad blower motor can often cause a rattling sound that will reverberate through the vents, which you'll hear any time the fan is spinning and attempting to heat or cool your car.

The rattling sound can happen due to a couple of reasons. A common cause is that debris has found its way into the blower motor and is now stuck. The blower motor is not going to spin as easily, and the debris that is stuck can start bouncing around and cause that familiar rattling sound. The other reason for rattling is due to bad bearings in the blower motor. You may notice that the sound is worse when you turn the motor to its fastest speed, but it is quiet on a low speed.

Blown Fuse

When the blower motor is in the early stages of failure it will spin at a slower speed than it usually does. What happens is that it ends up drawing more power than what it typically needs for it to get up to speed, which can cause the fuse to be blown as a result.

A mechanic will test the blower motor with a multimeter to see how much current it is pulling when turned on. If it's pulling more current than what is needed, it's a sign that the blower motor is failing and needs to be replaced. Replacing the fuse is not going to fix the problem, since the fuse will blow again in the future.

No Air Flow

Did you turn on the air conditioning or heat and have no air flow coming out of the vents at all? This is a clear problem caused by a broken blower motor. You'll need to have the problem investigated further since it could be an issue with the blower motor itself or the wiring that connects the motor to the power source.

If you are having issues with your vehicle's blower motor, take the car to an auto shop to have it inspected by a mechanic. They can identify what is wrong and perform the necessary repair for you 

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