Common Mistakes That People Make That Can Shorten The Lifespan Of Their Tires

Most people do not think very much about the tires on their vehicles unless they get a flat tire or find themselves sliding on the road every time it rains. However, tires need to be correctly maintained, as well as the parts that the tires are mounted on. Read on to learn about three common mistakes people make in regards to their tires that can shorten those tires' lifespans, so you can help ensure you do not make these mistakes. 

Not Correcting Their Vehicle's Alignment

A vehicle can become unaligned for a number of reasons. You may have hit a curb too hard, gotten in an accident and only repaired the body damage, or driven down a road filled with potholes routinely, causing your vehicle to slowly become unaligned. The easiest way to tell if your vehicle is not properly aligned is to slowly let go of your steering wheel while driving on a flat open road and see if your car pulls to the left or right. If the car pulls, the alignment is off. This can cause uneven wear to your tires, reducing their lifespan. 

Failing to Rotate Their Tires

Another common mistake that can shorten the lifespan of your tires is failing to routinely rotate your tires. Your tires should be rotated every six months or every 6,000 miles, depending on which occurs first. If your tires are under warranty, you can void the warranty by failing to rotate the tires. Rotating the tires also helps to keep your car balanced and helps to ensure your tires wear evenly and smoothly. 

Under- or Over-Inflating Their Tires

The final mistake that people make when it comes to their tires is under- or over-inflating their tires. You should check the air pressure, or PSI, of your tires on a monthly basis. Always check your manufacturer's manual to see what your tires should be correctly inflated to. If you are not sure, ask a tire professional when you have your tires rotated. Over-inflating your tires can cause them to explode or burst at the seams. Under-inflating your tires does not allow them to properly inflate and roll, causing excess wear. You also decrease your maximum miles per gallon by having under- or over-inflated tires, so it is important that you ensure they are correctly inflated. 

If you have questions about your tires, or you need to have your vehicles' alignment repaired or your tires rotated, a tire maintenance and repair shop like King George Truck & Tire Center can assist you. Schedule an appointment today to have your tires inspected or maintained to help ensure your tires last as long as they are designed to.